WashAndGo 2024

The No. 1 PC cleaner: Removes junk files quickly and securely

Abelssoft's WashAndGo cleans and speeds up your PC:

  • Puts an end to the frustration of a slow and cluttered PC
  • Test winner: Finds up to 8 times more junk files than the competition
  • Restores your PC to its full potential and stability
  • Optimized and perfected for over 20 years

instead of

Functions at a glance

Intelligent analysis technology

Analyzes your PC and finds any junk files thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Easy 1-click use

WashAndGo can be started with just one click, thus cleaning your PC to a professional level.

More storage and a faster PC

The removal of junk files frees up storage space and speeds up your PC's performance.

As powerful as on day one

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. It's the same when you use your computer. Junk files are already created at the outset and, after a short period of PC use, you have an enormous number of junk files. All the duplicate files, obsolete programs, temporary system files and much more not only clutter your PC, but they also significantly affect its speed and performance. With WashAndGo, you can clean up your PC and make it as powerful as on day one.

Optimize and speed up with just one click

WashAndGo is efficient and fast as well as particularly easy to use. With just one click, WashAndGo analyzes your PC and finds any accumulation of junk files. Once you've decided whether you want quick or intensive cleaning, you'll be able to enjoy a faster and tidy PC within a short period. Of course, you can also have the cleaning done automatically – every time you start your PC, monthly, weekly or daily. It's up to you.

Quality for over 20 years makes WashAndGo the test winner

WashAndGo has been keeping computers tidy for over 20 years. Well-known computer magazines regularly take a close look at WashAndGo. It turns out that WashAndGo works faster and more efficiently than many competing products. WashAndGo quickly, safely and reliably removes all the junk files on your computer, thus ensuring that your PC is fast and tidy again.