FreshDrive 2022

Optimize, defragment and monitor your SSDs and conventional hard drives

Increase the performance of your hard drives and the security of your data. FreshDrive enables you to always have full control over your hard drives.

Make your hard drives faster and more secure with FreshDrive.

  • Optimizes the SSD for your system
  • Increases the performance of your SSDs and conventional hard drives
  • Defragments your hard drives, registry and protected Windows files
  • Accelerates your Windows system
  • Monitors your hard drives in real time
  • Protects against a potential hard drive failure

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SSD Fresh

This is how easy it is to extend the lifespan of your SSD.

Optimize SSD settings
SSD Fresh optimizes your hard drives after prior analysis by disabling unnecessary services, shutting down needless write processes, and increasing performance.
Show drive information
View information about your drive. The program displays general information relevant to the hard drives on the PC.
View S.M.A.R.T. data
Modern hard drives use the S.M.A.R.T system for self-monitoring. It indicates potential failures in time. SSD Fresh displays this data in the program window.
All set for Windows 11
SSD Fresh has already been optimized for SSDs on Windows 10. If you switch to Windows 11, you can continue to use SSD Fresh.

Extend the lifespan of your SSD hard drives

A classic hard drive works mechanically. Magnetic discs rotate and read and write arms have to be extended. This takes time, especially if the requested files are also fragmented. Instead, SSD disks use digital storage cells to store files. They can be retrieved much faster as a result. PCs equipped with these disk drives suddenly work as if you had released the handbrake and switched on the turbo. There is a problem, however, as an SSD is expensive and has a limited lifespan. This makes it all the more important to do everything possible to increase the lifespan of the SSDs. This is exactly what SSD Fresh does!

SSD Fresh increases the performance of your SSD hard drive

The storage cells of the SSD hard drives have a limited number of possible read and write operations. In order to increase the lifespan of SSDs, the number of accesses should be reduced. SSD Fresh disables all unnecessary Windows functions that result in needless access to the storage cells. These include indexing the files, creating a time stamp, prefetch function, Windows logging, system restore and saving short names for folders and files (DOS compatibility). The software also displays important general drive information and retrieves the S.M.A.R.T. data ("Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology") of your SSD. Conclusion: With SSD Fresh and just a few clicks, the expensive SSD can be optimized and made faster, write operations can be reduced, and the SSD can be used for a long time as a result.


Say goodbye to snail's pace – this is how you accelerate your hard drive

Turbo for hard drives
Do you remember when you bought your new PC and everything ran really fast? JetDrive gives you back that feeling.
Defragments Windows system files
Windows uses a number of system files that often remain unsorted. JetDrive sorts them and accelerates your system.
JetDrive makes it easy to accelerate your hard drives by defragmenting and cleaning them.
Defragments your registry
Defragments your registry thanks to our special registry defrag process.

The turbo for hard drives

Everything is going to be tidied now. JetDrive takes care of a problem that many Windows users do not even have on their agenda: the gradual fragmentation of hard drives. With the constant deletion and creation of files, it is inevitable that the files are split into multiple fragments in order to fill small storage slots in different places on the hard drive. As a result, the computer needs more time to find all fragments of a requested file and load them into the memory. This means that your computer will become noticeably slower.

Accelerates your Windows system

JetDrive uses the in-house developed JetSmart II technology to achieve particularly efficient and fast defragmentation. The tool can use one of seven different defragmentation algorithms to reassemble the file fragments into one file. Incidentally, JetDrive not only takes care of the defragmentation of hard drives and protected Windows files. The program can also defragment the registry to ensure an additional increase in performance. In addition, JetDrive detects simple errors in the file system of the hard drives and can correct them. Extensive reports round off the functionality of the program.

For the best possible hard drive performance

JetDrive adaptively optimizes the system in the background. If your PC has at least two hard drives, JetDrive can use the other one to help you defragment one hard drive. The process temporarily relocates large files to the other hard drives before defragmentation, thus providing more free storage to the drive to be defragmented. At the end of the defragmentation, the relocated files are automatically moved back to the optimal places on the hard drive. This process ensures faster defragmentation. The new process is used automatically as soon as JetDrive detects a speed advantage.


Are you afraid of a hard drive failure? The hard drive expert keeps a close eye on everything!

Checks hard drives
CheckDrive checks your hard drives securely and quickly and reliably eliminates detected errors.
Shows the drive status
Displays important information about the state of your drives.
Monitors the hard drives in real time
The CheckDrive background guard always monitors the vital signs of your hard drives and warns you immediately after an error occurs.
All set for Windows 11
This program has already been optimized for SSDs on Windows 10. If you switch to Windows 11, you can continue to use CheckDrive.

Protects against a potential hard drive failure

Hard drives are computers' memory. No one can afford their sudden failure. It is thus crucial for a security system to be installed. CheckDrive searches specifically for hard drive errors so that they can be corrected before problems occur. The program is able to analyze all types of hard drives. CheckDrive can easily handle hard drives over 1 TB in size, external USB drives or super-fast SSD disk drives.

Search specifically for hard drive errors

As a "hard disk drive expert", CheckDrive pays close attention to typical hard drive errors during a scan. If they are detected, the tool immediately warns you about them so that they can be corrected, for example, with the CHKDSK tool. If the errors are not corrected in time, the affected computers may work in an unstable manner and often crash. At worst, the hard drive fails – and thus all stored data is lost. CheckDrive automatically checks the existing hard drives on the computer and thus increases the security of your own data. The tool displays the S.M.A.R.T. data as well as other manufacturer information of the hard drives and calculates the state of the disk from all of this data. The CheckDrive background guard assists in collecting the vital signs of the hard drives in real time in order to issue a warning immediately after the occurrence of an error, thus an unexpected failure of the hard drive is almost impossible.

Checks the hard drive in the background

CheckDrive offers an automatic check. It enables you to check the hard drives regularly at your own selected interval. In the integrated task scheduler, you can easily define the task and the interval at the click of a mouse.