MyKeyFinder 2024

Where was that serial number again?

You want to reinstall a program and need its serial number or product key. Isn’t it always the case that you can’t find them when you need them?

Abelssoft's MyKeyFinder can help you: It searches the registry and compiles a concise list of license keys for many programs.

  • MyKeyFinder lists serial numbers and license keys in a clear manner.
  • MyKeyFinder also scans external hard drives for license keys.
  • MyKeyFinder even finds WLAN passwords.
  • MyKeyFinder adds new entries automatically, but also lets you enter them manually.

Build your own personal license and product key management system with MyKeyFinder!

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Functions at a glance

Product keys – restored

After startup, MyKeyFinder immediately begins to search the registry. The results are then shown in a concise list.

No duplicates

Serial numbers can be stored in several locations in the registry. They would therefore be displayed several times. MyKeyFinder detects and filters duplicate entries.

Flexible export

MyKeyFinder offers various export options for serial numbers it finds: Save as PDF, print or copy to the clipboard.

Search and filter function

The search and filter function will find any serial number you need in just a few clicks. A blacklist filters out superfluous or obsolete numbers in order to provide a better overview.

A first look

Scans the registry and lists license keys clearly.

You can make individual settings for your scans.

New entries can also be added manually.

You will find more information in the help section.

A sniffer dog for serial numbers

Modern computers do not have a long service life. They are regularly replaced with a new model. Whenever you move your programs and data to a new computer, you may encounter an unexpected problem: you can no longer find the serial numbers of the programs.

MyKeyFinder solves this problem.

The software scans the system and searches for serial numbers that were stored in the registry and other known locations during installation.

This "sniffer dog for serial numbers" compiles all hits into a clearly sorted list that shows the program names and their respective serial numbers.

This makes it quick and easy to retrieve and manage all license codes. The list can be copied to any word processor via the clipboard and printed out. It can also be exported to PDF.

MyKeyFinder finds them all

The software also works with a blacklist. This collects entries that should be ignored during scans.

There is also a related white list. It allows you to specify additional locations on the hard drive where the software has not yet searched for serial numbers.

Both lists can be exported and imported again, making it easy to transfer the settings to other computers. In addition, the tool offers a convenient search function that greatly simplifies the search for serial numbers of a specific program.

Instead of sifting through a long list of entries such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and others, simply enter the program name in the search field and all matching serial numbers will be shown.

WLAN password function

One of MyKeyFinder’s highlights is the WLAN password function.

At the touch of a button, the tool scans the computer for known WLAN networks and lists their respective passwords.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to quickly give a guest the password for internet access, or if you have forgotten it when setting up a new device.

Passwords can also be exported in encrypted form.