CutOut 9

Crop objects and exchange backgrounds in a flash

Do you want to remove distracting backgrounds from holiday photos? Perhaps you want to crop an object for eBay or other e-commerce platforms? Maybe you want to remove an inappropriate element from the foreground of an image? If you do this manually, it will take you hours to achieve a good result.

CutOut 9 Professional delivers better cropping in seconds. This time-saving software is equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

  • Automatic cropping with just one click
  • Remove unwanted elements with the smart eraser.
  • Edit and replace inappropriate backgrounds.
  • Precise cutting out through improved curve fitting
  • Both as a standalone program and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop
  • Selectable English and German user interface
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

instead of

The easiest way to crop images

A perfect result in seconds

Simply replace inappropriate backgrounds to conjure up a completely altered portrait. CutOut 9 Professional enables you to do this in such a professional manner that your retouching isn't even noticeable. Are there unwanted elements such as cars, strangers or advertising signs in the image? You can use the intelligent eraser to easily remove them without any traces of editing.

The cropping tool for everyone

There are numerous reasons for wanting to change the background of a photo, for example, inappropriate colors, or a busy, distracting or simply boring background. There is a simple solution in this case: CutOut 9 Professional. Its cropping algorithm intelligently analyzes your motif and ensures an optimal cutout.

Improved cropping algorithm

The improved algorithm of this version is impressive with improved quality and more details in the resulting images. You also benefit from this when magnifying images. Truncated and unsightly edges are a thing of the past.

Cropping with object contours

Do you want your listings to attract more attention? Have more success on eBay and other e-commerce platforms! If you photograph your listings against a monochrome white or black background, contour detection automatically crops them.

Exclusively available from us in the professional version:

Photoshop plugin

Photoshop users also benefit from the improved cropping that is possible with CutOut 9 Professional. You simply install the built-in filter plug-in for Photoshop and enjoy the new convenience of cropping and creating cool photo montages.

Exclusively available from us in the professional version:

Special "Digital Beauty" filter

Only in the professional version offered here will you find the "Digital Beauty" filter, which ensures that your skin looks clear and soft in your model photos. Other exclusive tools are also available for portrait retouching and exposure compensation, as well as tools for chromatic aberration correction or advanced sharpening.

New tools and functions

Powerful functions for editing and cropping your images

Thanks to the new tools and functions in CutOut 9 Professional, the time you spend cropping images is reduced even further.

Smooth JPEG artifacts

Stop worrying about unsightly JPEG artifacts. These flaws caused by JPEG compression can now be easily removed. The improved algorithm enables you to achieve clearer crop results without artifacts.

Smooth edges

Truncated edges are a well-known problem with difficult motifs. From now on, however, you can easily instruct CutOut 9 Professional as to what is a simple edge and what is a complex one. The curve fitting for complex edges then ensures correct cropping in an uncomplicated manner.

If the boundaries of your object are difficult to recognize due to a very dark image, CutOut has the right function ready. Cutting out an object manually is greatly facilitated by an increase in its brightness. This does not change the actual image, however, thus you do not have to change the brightness after cutting.