KeyDepot 2024

Password management par excellence

With just a few clicks, all login credentials are securely stored and safeguarded in Abelssoft's KeyDepot.

  • Remember only one master password – log in securely anywhere
  • Centralized password management in one program
  • Password generator for maximum security
  • Automatic login via browser plug-in
  • Continuous monitoring of the security of your login data

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Functions at a glance

One master password for all your accounts

Log in to all online accounts, streaming providers, social media accounts, etc., with just one password and be absolutely secure.

Generates strong passwords

The innovative password generator creates completely secure and unique passwords easily with just one click.

Stay informed about data leaks

KeyDepot checks which providers are currently affected by hacks and shows them to you.

The password manager for your digital life

In today's digital era in which the number of online accounts is continually growing, secure password management is becoming a major challenge. KeyDepot, the latest generation of highly secure password managers, revolutionizes the manner in which you protect your digital identities and save precious time.

Log in with a master password

Remembering numerous passwords becomes effortless with KeyDepot. A single master password is all you need to be securely logged in to all websites, streaming providers, social media accounts, etc.

The KeyDepot browser extension enables you to automatically log in to websites for which you have stored passwords in KeyDepot with just one click. KeyDepot CloudSync also synchronizes accounts and passwords across all your devices, thus ensuring a smooth process.

These innovative functions not only ensure that it is convenient to use, but they also guarantee the highest safety standards.

Centralized password management

KeyDepot unifies password management in one easy-to-use program. With just a few clicks, you can securely store all your login details in KeyDepot. In addition to facilitating access, this centralized function also provides efficient protection against data leaks and unauthorized access. This enables you to remain in control of your digital identity.

Secure password generator

KeyDepot's integrated password generator sets new standards in security. With just one click, it generates ultra-secure and unique passwords that meet even the most demanding security standards. This innovative approach makes creating strong passwords effortless and effective – a key to strengthening digital security.

Advanced safety standard

KeyDepot focuses primarily on maximum security as well as convenience. The use of the AES-256 algorithm ensures that your login details are completely secure.

With just a few clicks and a single master password, you can experience password management par excellence. Discover the future of secure and organized password management with KeyDepot – for a carefree everyday digital life.