HDR projects 7 Professional

Spectacular HDR photos in no time

HDR projects 7 Professional turns your photos into perfectly exposed HDR images with amazing contrast and detail in just a few steps:

  • High-contrast images with the finest details
  • Best results: no noise or color cast
  • Highlight boost for optimal drawing in different lights and more color depth
  • Can be used flexibly as a standalone or plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Accelerated performance for smooth working and faster results
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

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The best image in every situation

Perfect results in seconds

HDR illuminates your photos unlike any other technique. You can now achieve the desired result even easier and faster: The new Ultra HDR mode “Highlight Boost” and the revised color reproduction option get even more out of your images. Best results in the shortest possible time!

  • Image alignment by motif type for landscape, architecture and much more
  • Color fidelity tone mapping for clear and realistic color reproduction
  • 8 digital color filters for selective simulation of colored photo filters
  • 5 new presets for HDR weight distribution in order to make optimal use of the light information in the image
  • Advanced tools – more presets, more filters, revised styles
  • Best results with minimal effort
  • Suitable for single images and image series, with or without a tripod
  • Remove color casts automatically
  • Standalone and plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop
  • Even better performance

Exclusively available in the Professional version

Better performance and faster results

Anyone who wants to take full advantage of the technical possibilities should use the Professional version that is on sale here:

  • Full-featured RAW module with all editing functions of a professional RAW converter and new extensions
  • Full selection of 188 presets
  • Batch processing with automatic exposure bracketing recognition in order to simultaneously develop dozens of HDR photos
  • Plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop
  • Create an exposure bracket from a JPG or RAW, which you can further edit in any program.
  • Support for D65 color spaces, corresponds to the standard light for average daylight in the midday northern sky and ensures particularly colorfast daylight shots.
  • “Point of interest” view for fast and resource-saving image analysis and calculation

Sensational results in any light

Even difficult lighting conditions are no longer a problem with the new Ultra HDR mode Highlight Boost. This creates much more realistic images, even if the environment does not always play along. More spontaneity, more freedom, more from your photos!

8 digital color filters

The new “Color filter” module in the “Selective drawing” section provides 8 digital color filters: red, orange, yellow, green-yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple.

Retina tone mapping

The new color fidelity tone mapping creates a tonal value compression that is modeled after the human eye. For unprecedented natural color reproduction.

Exclusively available from us in the professional version:

Includes plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom

Many paths lead to HDR projects 7 Professional and, of course, also very conveniently from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom! A new, full-featured filter plugin for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop offers maximum convenience for your personal workflow.

Simply select the desired image or image series in the Lightroom image database, export to HDR projects 7 Professional, edit it and put the resulting image back into the database.

Exclusively available from us in the professional version:

Better performance, faster results

Calculations run faster due to the accelerated work performance. This reduces waiting times and enables you to work more smoothly.

However, we have also thought of minor issues: In addition to the new note function in the Undo timeline, images can now be saved in a scaled format, for example, for Facebook, Instagram and Co.!

Fascination with HDR

Detailed and intensive colored HDR images

The well-established HDR technology has guaranteed spectacular photos for more than 10 years. The Smart Detail Enhancement (SDE) detects noise or other distortions in the image. Furthermore, it is precisely this noise information that is then excluded during detail enhancement – the actual HDR process.

Thus, only the image information that deserves it is enhanced. For the finest details, vibrant colors and an overwhelming wealth of contrast!